Monday, January 31, 2011

Homespace Overhaul!

Zoey says, wake me up when it's over.
 Things have been turned upside-down in the farmhouse due to the addition of some much needed furniture (and the rearranging of old pieces). Stay tuned for some fun photo post updates of the redesigned living room and kitchen courtesy of our tax return checks and a little weekend warrior spirit! Stay classy, friends.

love, r

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Ticking Away: The Moments that Make Up a Dull Day

I have a weird, inconsistent relationship with time. Professionally, I am the queen of time management; I get it done. Personally, minutes, hours and days slip away if I’m not careful. My solution to this craziness is to set alarms for myself via cell, and we pretty much have a clock in every room at home to remind me that I should really pay more attention to the earth’s rotation.

Because I am a vortex, here are a few of my favorite clocks:

Have you heard of Blue Caravan? You can't beat these eco-friendly, Australian housewares.

This clock is a pretty literal (and pretty) reminder of time in my opinion.

Kick the clock :)

I love the unconventional shape of this piano key-inspired number from PB.

Sorry, my inner nerd can't resist the vader clock!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Snow Day!

This post is dedicated to my dear friend, Katie. She has been harassing me to blog about snow since the first snowfall, and since she is currently on business in the desert (i.e., Dubai), I am sending these scenes from the woods around my house to her. Very Robert Frost, don’t you think?

View of our neighbor's house and creek from the porch.

No...I'm not getting the mail.

So pretty.

 I was always the girl who insisted on secretly keeping the first snowball of the winter season in the freezer until my poor mother found it (usually in the summer). Since I have limited freezer space, here are other ways of bringing that snowy feeling indoors:

I love these simple birch tree coasters from redbirdink's etsy shop.

Something about this deer print just seems very winter to me.

This lighting fixture from cb2 reminds me of snow falling.
The geometric print on these glasses looks like snow whirling.

The weathered look of these lanterns reminds me of snow-covered gazebos.

Bring your guests some hot toddies and some winter bird watching with this silver tray.

Now that I know that snowshoe wall sconces exist...I can't live without them!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Tree Hugger Decor

Lately I have been seeing a lot of home accessories online and in local shops that are made of, and inspired by, natural materials particularly stumps and branches. It kills me that a lot of the natural made stuff is so expensive when you can literally just walk outside and do a little backyard recon. This may be harder to do if you live in the city, but I bet you have some friends in the burbs that miss you and would love a visit!

If you can't get out to the woods for a weekend, here are some great home accents to indulge your inner tree hugger:

These stumps have been slightly hollowed so that you can drop a votive inside.

I'm addicted to wrought iron anything, and just love the addition of the birds on this foyer table.

This wood ring clock seems like a simple DIY project but I am lazy so thank you as usual, etsy.

You have to admit, this rustic end table is a pretty sweet find for something from target.

These rich, tree-inspired wall panels are just gorgeous, and would be perfect for over your bed or couch.

This fireplace screen makes me wish (only for a second!) that we didn't have a woodstove.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

New Year, New Kitchen

Hello friends! So Christmas kind of happened and my blog fell off my radar, but I am back with a new post inspired by one of the most used rooms in our home and some post-holiday clearance finds! Lately it’s been making me crazy that our kitchen is still a blank canvas. Since we use it 24-7, I am determined to give it some much needed aesthetic attention in 2011.

So what brought this on? When I was supposed to be shopping for groceries today, I wandered into TJ Maxx instead and found this great “sconce” candle holder thing in the clearance section for $8:

You probably can't tell, but it's almost like a shadowbox (and I photographed it upside-down oops). I’m planning on mounting this over the sink, and getting some “S” hooks and hanging utensils and other much-needed organizational stuff from it, like this thing:

I have had my eye on ikea's "asker" series for months.

Here are some other cheap home accents that I have flagged for my 2011 kitchen project:

I am in love with mustard yellow and anything beaded so naturally I need these curtains.

This rug is a STEAL at $ much style for such a small price tag. I would put it under the dark stained, wooden cafe table that we currently have in our kitchen.

This vivid runner is perfect for in front of the sink.

Keeping with the color palate of the floral rug, this one is great for in front of the fridge!

Ignore the eastern accessories and this mirror would work perfectly over our cafe table.

One of my Christmas presents was a microwave, so now I need something to put it on, like this multi-functional hutch.

I am a huge fan of the enameled tin that frames this mirror cluster.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Trend: Peacock Feathers

This post is dedicated to all of my ladies who love peacock feathers! Peacocks are just gorgeous with their iridescent teal could interior designers resist incorporating their feathers into everything from pillows to plates?

One of my earliest memories involving peacocks was on a school field trip to the Philadelphia Zoo, where they run free on the property. Even though the Zoo sold (and still does to this day) peacock feathers in the gift shops, the boys were still daring each other to pull them out of one of the poor birds instead. Fortunately, peacocks have the attitudes to match their feathers, and scared the boys so bad they they were running for their mothers! Peacocks one...stupid 4th grade boys zero. are some great ways to add some peacock to your space without getting into a knock-down, drag out fight with one:

Declare your love of all things peacock with this candle.
Check out this pillow's modern take on the peacock feather.
Not trying to be so literal? These patterned pillows are way more subtle.
My girl (and blog follower) Michele has this feathered wreath!
Like the idea but not all the color? Keep it sophisticated with these plates from anthropologie.
Add an instant pop of color to your kitchen with these hand towels.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Obsessed: Upcycled Library Card Catalogs

Read about it here.
Not too long ago, Design Sponge featured this Before & After write up on an old library card catalog that a DIYer had converted into a gorgeous buffet table, and I have been dreaming about it ever since. I think it's time for a pet project of my own!

I love the idea of bringing things into your space that equals the sum of your experiences. I worked in both of my university libraries before graduation and reading has always been a favorite pastime, so this project is perfect for me. Here are some beautiful upcycled pieces that I plan to use for inspiration:

I love the casual use of this one (featured on apartment therapy).
This converted end table would look great in a vacation house.

This one is a little too traditional, but I still like it.

And here is the hot mess that I am thinking about purchasing from craigslist:

My record player will look good on top of that, right? All I need to do is sand it down, add some legs and some new labels...