Sunday, December 5, 2010

Trend: Peacock Feathers

This post is dedicated to all of my ladies who love peacock feathers! Peacocks are just gorgeous with their iridescent teal could interior designers resist incorporating their feathers into everything from pillows to plates?

One of my earliest memories involving peacocks was on a school field trip to the Philadelphia Zoo, where they run free on the property. Even though the Zoo sold (and still does to this day) peacock feathers in the gift shops, the boys were still daring each other to pull them out of one of the poor birds instead. Fortunately, peacocks have the attitudes to match their feathers, and scared the boys so bad they they were running for their mothers! Peacocks one...stupid 4th grade boys zero. are some great ways to add some peacock to your space without getting into a knock-down, drag out fight with one:

Declare your love of all things peacock with this candle.
Check out this pillow's modern take on the peacock feather.
Not trying to be so literal? These patterned pillows are way more subtle.
My girl (and blog follower) Michele has this feathered wreath!
Like the idea but not all the color? Keep it sophisticated with these plates from anthropologie.
Add an instant pop of color to your kitchen with these hand towels.

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  1. So great to see my pillow in your blog...I love the feature on peacock designs!