Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Tree Hugger Decor

Lately I have been seeing a lot of home accessories online and in local shops that are made of, and inspired by, natural materials particularly stumps and branches. It kills me that a lot of the natural made stuff is so expensive when you can literally just walk outside and do a little backyard recon. This may be harder to do if you live in the city, but I bet you have some friends in the burbs that miss you and would love a visit!

If you can't get out to the woods for a weekend, here are some great home accents to indulge your inner tree hugger:

These stumps have been slightly hollowed so that you can drop a votive inside.

I'm addicted to wrought iron anything, and just love the addition of the birds on this foyer table.

This wood ring clock seems like a simple DIY project but I am lazy so thank you as usual, etsy.

You have to admit, this rustic end table is a pretty sweet find for something from target.

These rich, tree-inspired wall panels are just gorgeous, and would be perfect for over your bed or couch.

This fireplace screen makes me wish (only for a second!) that we didn't have a woodstove.

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  1. I want a fireplace sooooo badly. Love the screen!