Sunday, January 16, 2011

Ticking Away: The Moments that Make Up a Dull Day

I have a weird, inconsistent relationship with time. Professionally, I am the queen of time management; I get it done. Personally, minutes, hours and days slip away if I’m not careful. My solution to this craziness is to set alarms for myself via cell, and we pretty much have a clock in every room at home to remind me that I should really pay more attention to the earth’s rotation.

Because I am a vortex, here are a few of my favorite clocks:

Have you heard of Blue Caravan? You can't beat these eco-friendly, Australian housewares.

This clock is a pretty literal (and pretty) reminder of time in my opinion.

Kick the clock :)

I love the unconventional shape of this piano key-inspired number from PB.

Sorry, my inner nerd can't resist the vader clock!

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