Sunday, January 2, 2011

New Year, New Kitchen

Hello friends! So Christmas kind of happened and my blog fell off my radar, but I am back with a new post inspired by one of the most used rooms in our home and some post-holiday clearance finds! Lately it’s been making me crazy that our kitchen is still a blank canvas. Since we use it 24-7, I am determined to give it some much needed aesthetic attention in 2011.

So what brought this on? When I was supposed to be shopping for groceries today, I wandered into TJ Maxx instead and found this great “sconce” candle holder thing in the clearance section for $8:

You probably can't tell, but it's almost like a shadowbox (and I photographed it upside-down oops). I’m planning on mounting this over the sink, and getting some “S” hooks and hanging utensils and other much-needed organizational stuff from it, like this thing:

I have had my eye on ikea's "asker" series for months.

Here are some other cheap home accents that I have flagged for my 2011 kitchen project:

I am in love with mustard yellow and anything beaded so naturally I need these curtains.

This rug is a STEAL at $ much style for such a small price tag. I would put it under the dark stained, wooden cafe table that we currently have in our kitchen.

This vivid runner is perfect for in front of the sink.

Keeping with the color palate of the floral rug, this one is great for in front of the fridge!

Ignore the eastern accessories and this mirror would work perfectly over our cafe table.

One of my Christmas presents was a microwave, so now I need something to put it on, like this multi-functional hutch.

I am a huge fan of the enameled tin that frames this mirror cluster.

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