Saturday, October 2, 2010


No matter where I’m living, there is one consistent thing that I need to make it feel more like home…plants! I don’t know what it is about house plants, but without them I feel like something is definitely missing from my life.

I've had all kinds of house plants over the years: ivy, ferns, violets, etc., but I always come back to the pothos. Pothos are the easiest indoor plants to maintain because they require very little water and are pretty much impossible to kill, even if you are the most irresponsible plant owner (i.e., if you killed your goldfish, the pothos is for you). Also, pets and bugs don’t like them very much…can you believe it?

One of my pothos friends.

With the leaves outside beginning to turn from green to yellow and brown, there is nothing better than bringing some sweet green color inside – especially on a dreary, wet fall day.

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