Sunday, September 26, 2010

Rec Room Project!

We have been dragging our feet for months when it comes to decorating our spare room because we don’t really have any furniture to put in there. Lucky for us, one of our friends is moving and no longer needs his comfy old sectional! It has been our intention from the start for this room is to be a music studio/game room/chill spot. Since the couch is such a neutral color, I am on the hunt for some accents that are nature inspired, but still guy-friendly.

My design philosophy is to bring the outside in, and these birch inspired window panels have my name written all over them!

I love mustard yellow, and the longer shape of these pillows makes them ideal for lounging.
Black and white can be harsh, but this velvety pillow demonstrates the softer side of the color combination.
This pillow is handmade, but still bright and modern.
Mismatched prints are a big fall trend from fashion runways...why not try it in your living space?
These silver storage cubes would make great end tables.
Yellow accents will definitely pop against these dark gray curtains.

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